The best love quotes from a number of experts on love, from famous authors, philosophers and dreamers.

Valentine’s Day Love Quotes

Love is what truly makes life worthwhile. Expressing our love for people is the ultimate fulfillment. Each year on Valentine’s Day, we convey our gratitude to those we cherish. On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate friendship, family, and loved ones. We...

If I would choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to utter I love you.

Love Sayings

Love is natural. Love is free; it cannot be bought, traded or sold. Love has no borders, no territory, and no quantifiable energy output. It is inherently empathic and compassionate, hence cannot be restrained or manipulated. Since love is its...

Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend

A wonderful collection of sweet Christmas love messages for boyfriend: Christmas is a special time for families, friends and loved ones. It is especially exciting for lovers who are considering taking their relationship to the next level. If you think...

Your love is the best gift I could have asked for! Merry Christmas sweetheart!

Christmas Love Messages

Christmas is a time for celebrating with friends, family and other loved ones. For many of us, this is the most special holiday of the year, and we strive to make Christmas memories that will be cherished for years to...

I’m lucky to call you mine.

30 Sweet Love Quotes for Young Lovers

Love knows no boundaries. It can come at any age. Puppy love is just as exciting as the love shared between two adults, and it is sweet and innocent and romantic in a really cute way. Many people have been...

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