Christmas Holidays Dating Guide

The time has finally come! It is time for the most romantic holiday of the year, which is this lovely thing called Christmas! Now, this time of the year is complicated enough if you are single and you have to satisfy the needs of only one person, so it’s not that hard to imagine how much harder it gets when a second one it’s involved. Being in a relationship during Christmas may be as cute and romantic as it gets, but it’s also hard to organize. So, most people tend to mess up and get a Christmas full of arguments and stress, which is something we most definitely want to avoid. If not, we would like to make a relationship better during the most romantic time of the year, if not at least let’s not make it worse am I right? This is why, we have provided you with tips, on how to make your relationship during Christmas, a successful one!All I want for Christmas is you

The Presents

One of the core aspects of Christmas is the act of giving presents to your loved ones. This includes your boyfriend/girlfriend in case you didn’t understand it. If your relationship has been a thing for a while, then getting presents is a must, so, you have to go through the thought process of finding something nice that you know it’s going to excite him/her. It could be a fun trip, or that one thing they have always said they wanted, it can be whatever really, as long as it’s something that comes from your heart. Now, if you haven’t been together for a long time, then it’s your job to access the situation. Sometimes, if the relationship is still too young, you are not obliged to do presents for Christmas. But then, if you decide to go for presents then you have to be careful. Going for something big this soon into a relationship might scare him/her off. So, try and buy something with emotional value, that is also not implying anything more serious than what you already have(like jewelry).

Inviting Him/Her to Serious Engagements

It could be dinner with your family or a party in your office. There will be scenarios where you will have the choice of bringing your partner together as your +1, and it’s a choice that you must make yourself based on the circumstances at hand. First of all, you have to see if you are actually spending the holidays together, because if the relationship is still too young, maybe you’ve only been together for a couple of weeks let’s say, then you are not even obliged to spend Christmas together, and on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, if you’ve been together for a long time, then bringing your partner together is a must. So, let’s talk about the ones in the middle. Still not long enough to be considered a serious relationship, but it has gone past the first stages. Then, what do you do? Well, as I said earlier, you need to analyze the situation. If that party in your office is going to keep you busy and you won’t have time to spend it with your partner, then bringing them along is not a good idea. But then again, if they know you chose not to invite them, it could hurt their feelings. So, if you can’t find a middle way, it’s something that you should discuss with them. Now for that family reunion, you must go, you have to decide what risks you want to take. Bring a partner over for dinner with the family, implies that you want something more serious, which is something you can’t do unless it’s the right time, or unless you actually feel it and know that the other person feels it as well.

The Traditions

Once you spend the holidays with your partner, you get to experience different traditions they might have when it comes to spending Christmas. This can be made especially apparent when your partner comes from another part of the country, or even a different country whatsoever. Now the best thing you have to do is to learn to accept and embrace the different things that come your way, and maybe even implement them in your Christmas routine! The point I’m trying to make is, that Christmas is not about you. It’s about doing things for the people you love most and learning to embrace and love everyone around you. So, this Christmas, try to do as many things as possible to please your loved one and learn how to give. This way, everyone is more happy, because if your partner is happy, doesn’t that make you happy as well? (Happy wife happy life am I right?….or happy husband, whatever you’re into, we won’t judge).

Keep the Romance Alive

As I said countless times before, Christmas is the most romantic time of the year. So, every single action you do should be based on that. It could be snuggling under a blanket with some hot chocolate or a movie, or going somewhere romantic. Try to keep the Christmas spirit alive, because this way, your relationship will be much better due to all the great memories your experiences have created. This is also a great time for things like marriage proposals and such, due to the whole romantic atmosphere and positive attitude Christmas brings to everyone. So, what I’m trying to imply, is that if you have any big steps you want to achieve as a couple, or if you want to make your relationship better than it already is, then you should keep the romance alive during the holidays!

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