A Survival Guide for Christmas Holiday Relationship Stress

It’s time for a reality check. That’s right, it’s Christmas! The time of the year where you can have some romantic experiences with your significant others, acting like you have no care in the world. And that is where the fairy tale ends. If you have lived at least once the stressful experience of spending Christmas while on a relationship, then you know that it’s not easy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s bad, but then again, the stress can sometimes get over the top. Practically everything around you will be a reason for you to flip out, and it can get nerve-racking, if not controlled properly. All I can say now is just try to keep your cool because we’re here to help! My best tip for you is that if you think it over, every single problem can be solved. So, let’s do the start here, by solving some of the most common issues that couples tend to stress about!At Christmas, all roads lead home.

The Presents

  • This is a reason to stress over even if the present is not for your significant other. Buying Christmas gifts for everyone is just such a long and tedious task, with the only exciting part to it, being the little test of strength you get to do afterward to check if you can carry all the bags and then writing the Christmas wishes card. You have to go through the thought and selection process of finding something that is both nice, and at a normal price, not too high, not too low, so that if they decide to change it, meaning they have to learn the price of it at the store through the gift card, they don’t consider you cheap, or that you are trying too much. It’s too much, I know. Yet, there are still ways that you can make this whole process of finding the perfect present for your partner much more simple.
  • Just ask: This is the simplest of solutions, and can really save you plenty of trouble if you ask properly. Just ask your partner what you should get them for Christmas. If they are willing to just not do the whole “surprise” thing, then you lose the entire stress of trying to find a gift, and you just have to go and buy it!
  • Be more observant: For the most part, everyone drops certain hints to imply what they want for Christmas. Maybe she said that it would be nice to have a purse matching with that dress she was wearing the other days. Or maybe he said that none of his shoes match his clothes anymore, or even more subtle ones that he/she will drop during your daily activities. Maybe they are not even hints, but just them expressing things they would like. Be patient, and observe. Eventually, you will pick up on them, and be ready to buy the best present ever!


Family Reunions

  • Another factor of never-ending stress(and boredom, for the biggest part). You know what type of family reunion I’m talking about. The one where you have to see every single one of your relatives, no matter how far away they live. Even that uncle you haven’t seen for a decade and always teases you about that one thing you did when you were a child that made everybody laugh. Now things get much more complicated when you have to bring your partner into the mix. You constantly have to think what everyone will say about you, or them, that could make things uncomfortable. Maybe it’s your mother asking if you plan on getting married, or your uncle that doesn’t know that you’ve only been together for a few months asking if you are planning on having children. Well, there isn’t much you can do about that because it completely decides on everyone else but you. But the things you can do, are rather effective.
  • Drop the hints yourself: During the conversation, try to drop subtle hints trying to answer the questions they might potentially have. This will prevent them from asking it straight out, avoiding any awkward scenarios. Even if they pick up on something and decide to expand the conversation based on it, you have the upper hand because it’s your field you are playing at.
  • Straight out inform them: You probably know which are the ones asking a lot of questions. What you can do is telling them everything beforehand, or just tell them not to ask any weird thing while in front of your partner. This way everyone is happier!



  • If you are like most people out there, you have absolutely no idea what you want to do during the Christmas period. It is stressful enough just to organize the holidays for one person, so putting the second one into the mix, and one that you care so much about as well, just makes things harder. Having to satisfy the needs can be hard enough, I know, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not plausible. I might even go to greater lengths and say that it can be made easy, just by following a couple of tips and keeping the right attitude. Because especially when it comes to relationships, the way you see things is really important.
  • Not everything is about you: Try to keep the spirit of Christmas around, and this time, just do all the things your partner likes so that you make them happy. This will, in turn, make everything less stressful, because by making your partner happy, you become happy as well!
  • Discuss: Running around planning things for the two of you, from my point of view, is rather arrogant. By trying to do everything on your own, puts you at a risk of just simply having your partner, not like the plans in question. So, your best solution is to discuss what you want to do, and find a middle ground, so that you don’t have to stress over everything yourself.

All About Christmas

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