10 Romantic Ways to Express you Love

Familiarity between the most loving couples can breed indifference, and then you start taking each other for granted. Grand gestures do not always keep the love alive. On the contrary, it is often the subtle acts of kindness and caring that help relationship to grow stronger, enduring the occasional disagreements and arguments. There are no shortcuts to the golden anniversary of your relationship. It takes a lifetime of working on the bumps, renegotiating your non-adversarial positions and collaborating with each other to build that perfect union. In this journey, be prepared to give and receive. Pay attention to the small details and retain a healthy respect for a balanced partnership where you are both on the same page when it comes to tending to the relationship. Show your partner that you care through simple, random gestures such as those mentioned below.

10 Simple Gestures to Keep Love Going

  • Wake him/her up to a funny, kitschy or cute breakfast. Use pancake syrup to trace a message of love on pancakes, waffles or crepes. Serve the dish with flowers or a single balloon. Arrange breakfast portions to create a heart or a smiley face. Do this for a special occasion or anytime you want to create a special occasion.
  • Pack your heart with his/her breakfast-on-the-go or brown bag lunch. Write a special note thanking your partner for everything in general or one specific, recent thing that touched you.A simple “I love you” will suffice on some days. Tuck the note where it is likely to be found.
  • Keep a jar of favors in the kitchen. Fill this jar with random notes of appreciation from both of you. When you are feeling down, frustrated or for no other reason than you feel like it, pull out a favor and read it aloud. If it’s something actionable such as your partner thanking you for bringing home a pizza, then resolve to do this again.
  • Use Photoshop or a similar app to superimpose your partner’s head on the body of a prince/princess or an impossibly buff male or female. Add a whimsical message such as. “Never mind, I prefer the real deal.” Post this on the bathroom mirror so that it is visible when he/she gets home or gets up in the morning.
  • You’re never too old to flirt. Take advantage of social media to keep in touch during the day or while you are away. Send cute, flirty but tasteful messages to each other. Practice restraint when using company-issued devices, but have some lighthearted fun.
Love is not what you say. Love is what you do.

Love is not what you say. Love is what you do.


I love things that make you smile

I love things that make you smile


  • Plan a romantic camp-out in your own backyard. When the kids are in bed, lead your partner outdoors where you have previously prepared the hammocks/loungers/bedrolls with soothing music playing in the background. Stargaze, have a quiet conversation or say nothing while holding hands.
  • Give partner massages to each other. You can focus the massage on one body part such as an invigorating back rub, a ticklish head massage or a very involved foot rub with manipulation. Use scented oils to enhance the experience, and make sure to appreciate your partner’s body in the process.
  • Make popcorn and sit with your partner as he/she watches sports, talk shows or TV movies you find boring. The less appealing the show is to you, the more you should show appreciation by making an effort to keep up or feigning interest. Cuddle up, smile and bear it. Find the time to do this at random intervals to show your partner that you care about them no matter what.
  • With so many photo-sharing apps available, scrap booking has become a forgotten art. Keep the love alive by creating scrapbook pages from photos of an event or series of events. For instance, you could create a page of photos with sweet captions of your wife attempting her first Thanksgiving dinner. Wives can create a scrap book page of the husband assembling the crib for your first child. Embellish the page with loving messages, and frame it or display as is until it is time to file these pages into the family album.
  • When your partner is packing for a trip, pack a part of yourself by surreptitiously inserting a T-shirt or other garment infused with your scent. Use a piece of clothing that your partner is familiar with and can readily identify as yours. Insert a note with a loving message. Choose your item carefully as you do not want your partner to get in trouble should the suitcase be targeted for physical inspection.


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