40 Cute Love Quotes for Her

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  1. Love Quotes For Her says:

    Thanks you so much for this amazing article. It’s really inspiring.

  2. Mohammad Arif says:

    thankx….i don’t know how i say u thank u, very nice quotes post for help my love

  3. Armaan says:

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  4. Rahul says:

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  5. Choice Kpukuyou says:

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  6. Manish kumar says:

    hey, this collection of “quotes for her ” is really outstanding. Some of the quotes are really wonderful and i always use for my girlfriend. !!!
    I think these are the best quotes because some of them are really hearth touching. !!!

  7. love quotes from her to him says:

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  8. Terminator says:

    I love that one Oh, you little girl, you stole my heart. To make it even, I will steal a kiss from you.

  9. Gilbert says:

    I enjoy this love qote wow continue with the same spirity

  10. debasu says:

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  11. Abhishek Kalra says:

    Hi David,
    These Quotes are really worth using to make a relation more deeper and stronger. I have used them and got extremely well results. Thanks for this wonderful post. Keep up the good work.

  12. Niks... says:

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  15. Princess Kaurvaki says:

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  16. Kishore says:

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  17. wisdom says:

    luv is blind

  18. Gold says:

    Love is Gold

  19. Suraj Parkash says:

    Awesom quotes…… I really love these.

  20. Good Morning Quotes for Her says:

    These are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing these. I will certainly be using some of these with my wife! 🙂

  21. Kimmo chaamm astrid says:

    Really! i love these quotes

  22. A. John Bliss says:

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  23. abbey says:

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  24. sushil laishram says:

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  26. Gokul says:

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  31. Jeremy kaka says:

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  32. simbarashe says:

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  33. Rakesh Jagdeo says:

    These love quotes bring out the true meaning of love, they speak to the heart of the person that is being loved.

  34. sipho says:

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  35. Jim Hilton says:

    WOW!Am blessed.The quotes are very great to my heart..

  36. sumaiyaislam says:

    Love is haven.

  37. ikusa zhimomi says:

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  38. Nirav Dhabalia says:

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  40. Rexova says:

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  41. daniel says:

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  42. Og emmanuel says:

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  43. Liju says:

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  44. Abhilash says:

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  45. fahad khaan says:

    love is live

  46. Nyikadzino says:

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  47. NKECHI says:

    Nice quotes, keep it up…

  48. Annalize says:

    um dating someone….I luv him very much so lvng my bf Charles

  49. A guy says:

    These quotes are amazing, I used every single one of them on my girlfriend in person and that’s how we had our first kiss… Thanks!

  50. neal says:

    I love all of these accept the girl I love means more to me than any of the quotes can express


    No day can pass without me thinking about you

  52. Narmadha says:

    Awesome qutoes

  53. Benjamin vincino says:

    I rly love your quotes

  54. Siviwe.N says:

    I like your quotes they improve my loving skills. I appreciate the work you do.

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  60. Tenzing says:

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  62. Prince says:

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  67. quimcy says:

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    kisses from Mongolia!

  68. Mr.Bullies says:

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  74. Hillary kiplagat says:

    goodies I LOVE IT

  75. Lover says:

    Im dating someone and she the definition of perfect

  76. heath says:

    you did good !!!!!

  77. cris says:

    You should add this one:
    “When I am stressed, I look for relaxation
    When I am upset, I look for comfort
    When I am confused, I look for answers
    When I am all three, I look for you”
    I love this one

  78. monnu says:

    I m always support love . Love is my a swee3eeet drings

  79. toonzhi says:

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  80. eulyx says:

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  81. Stalin says:

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  82. dancros says:

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  83. anil says:

    Really these are best quotes for lovers I want many more for my love… plz send these on my mail ID..



  85. oceng stephen says:

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  86. Subhrajit says:

    I read allllllllll the quotes but all of them are oswame . luv u muuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  87. hollekiddy says:

    love makes a difference to someone that is lost

  88. kyle nicole ferrer lacandula says:

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  89. adelaida says:

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  90. James Foley says:

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  91. alex says:

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  94. Dru Tulesi says:

    Your qoutes work miracles when synchronised with true feelings. Thanks alot!

  95. lasto mwazembe says:

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  96. darius tobiko says:

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  97. Steven JT says:

    thanx for all the lovely quotes ,,,, they brought a difference

  98. Classy Kid says:

    Love is all about understanding

  99. Sierra Young says:

    I love your posts! You have such beautiful posts!! You just made my whole day!! XD!!!

  100. Manasse Ngwira says:

    These love quotes are really good i wish i can receive them every day,they are really nice.

  101. brian says:

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    They helped me and now am with my true love.

  102. Abhishek says:

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