He Love Me? He Loves Me Not? 30 Love Signs 30 Ways to Tell

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17 Responses

  1. Olasqure says:

    wow now i believ my guy love’s me.

  2. Angel says:

    wow I am lucky to have a boyfriend with this qualities.

  3. Willies says:

    Wow!! So marvellous

  4. iza says:

    Wow. My boyfriend is definitely not this guy.! He does the opposite or nothing mentioned above. Only the infamous “i love you” .

  5. nearly_a_loner1 says:

    I love my boyfriend so much because he does ALL of those things.

  6. Avadhut Barot says:

    Wow So romantic massage is Best Web site…

  7. mbali says:

    Wow this is a great website

  8. Cavin says:

    I know feel romance in me, just because of this site. Marvellous

  9. Regina says:

    All the above is complete confirmation that I do have the sweetest, kindest honey beAR in the whole wide world. I am indeed a loved woman…truly, and it feels so good!

  10. lv says:

    this is actually true, i luved this

  11. bright says:

    I love it….. it has helped me….

  12. eddielilly says:

    mine also loves me so much coz he can do all that have been mentioned above

  13. Claire Bradley says:

    Now I know my man really loves me as he does most of those things in how to tell if he loves you and in love with you.

  14. Cheyenne says:

    wow, maybe my relationchip is out of love and not because his friends told him to date me. I really know i’m loved.

  15. mayana zaynah says:

    this actually makes me feel better, very romantic

  16. Rumbi says:

    WOW what nice ways and messages.

  17. Kylee Clune says:

    i really like this website

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