Cute and Unique Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

Whether your boyfriend/partner/significant other wants to admit or not, they like to be pampered a bit on their birthdays. It says a lot about the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship when you go out of your way to show your partner how much you care. A birthday should not be like any other day. Start the day right by tweeting a birthday message at the stroke of midnight to show that you care enough to remember his special day. Wake him in the morning with another message on his social media accounts, telling him what a wonderful person he is and offer hints of the surprises you have planned for the day. Slip a special note in his shirt pocket or send one as part of a birthday present. Keep the messages personal so that your boyfriend will know you put your heart in it. Inspire your inner poet in the following messages guaranteed to make him feel special. You’re welcome.You are all the superhero I need. Happy Birthday to my own superman.

Birthday Messages to Get the Party Going on your Boyfriend’s Birthday

  • Sending you my heart for your birthday and wishing that you’ll have all that your heart desires today and for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday, sweet man.
  • You have been my rock and my strength through all the crazy things I’ve had to go through. I love you more than you know. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the reason I am such a joyful person today. Wishing you the best on your special birthday, my love.
  • You are sweet, funny, caring and thoughtful. I won the jackpot in the boyfriend lottery. Happy Birthday to my love.
  • There are good times, bad times and awkward times. But you are the master of making everything turn out for the best. I know this will be a wonderful birthday, and you deserve all the laughter and love coming at you today.
  • Some ladies are lucky in love, but I am the luckiest of all because I have you by my side. Happy XXth birthday to my lucky charm.
  • I saved the best bubbly to toast a wonderful person who just happens to be the world’s best boyfriend. Lucky me. Happy Birthday, my best friend and love of my life.
  • You have all the attributes of a winning human, and I am blessed to be your girlfriend. Happy Birthday to the man who makes my heart beat faster when he smiles.
  • You are all the superhero I need. Happy Birthday to my own Superman.


  • Some people make the party livelier when they walk in. Be prepared for major feasting, toasting, and dancing in honor of your XXth. Cheers, my love.
  • Like quality wine, you get better with age. Happy Birthday, and I look forward to much more.
  • Good men don’t grow old. They become better, superior versions of themselves. Happy Birthday!
  • On your XXth birthday, you sure are turning out to be a very fine example of a wonderful man. Cheers to your successes.
  • Your patience, wisdom, and compassion are limitless. When it seems like I cant keep up, you always reach out to pull me up. Thank you and Happy Birthday to my special man.
  • They say love conquers all. You have conquered all of me, my love. Happy Birthday!
  • When I first saw you, I thought you were the master of the universe. I wasn’t wrong. Happy Birthday, darling!
  • You don’t need to win an Ironman Triathlon to prove anything. Knowing you and being with you is enough proof that you have the heart of an iron man. Happy Birthday to my champion.

You are sweet, funny, caring and thoughtful. I won the jackpot in the boyfriend lottery. Happy Birthday to my love.You are the reason I am such a joyful person today. Wishing you the best on your special birthday, my love.

  • Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Let’s make some more tonight as we toast your XXth birthday. Have a wonderful day, my dearest!
  • You are all of my wishes fulfilled, and I’ll love you forever. Happy Birthday, Love!
  • Praying for you and wishing all the good wishes I can think of to make your birthday a wonderful day.
  • Happy Birthday to a man who would want the world to be a better place for everyone. May your blessings multiply in the coming years.
  • You deserve a party. Happy Birthday to the guy who lights up the room by his presence.
  • I know you would rather not party, but you’re XX. There’s a limited number of years left to enjoy the company of family and friends. Enjoy your birthday.
  • Forecast: Cuddly with a lot of hugs and kisses from all the folks who love you. Happy Birthday to my one and only love.
  • Many special humans walk this earth, but you are, by far, one of the best specimens. Feeling fortunate to be your GF. Happy Birthday!
  • You never fail to make my heart sing even in the worst of times. Happy Birthday to my special man.
  • I will always cherish the times we’ve spent together. Happy XXth birthday!
  • Being with you is the highlight of my life. Hope you have a birthday as amazing as you are.
  • Life with you has been a big adventure. I hope you’ll have an adventure-filled birthday today.
  • I thought you were the funniest person in the room the night we met. I was wrong. You’re funny, witty, wise and wonderful all rolled into one. Happy Birthday to my awesome boyfriend.


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