Apology Letters and Sorry Messages for your Wife

Marriage is one of the most sacred, and amazing thing in a person’s life. A man’s devotion to his wife can be a driving force like no other, that will get him through the day no matter how hard things get. But sometimes, no matter how much we love someone, we still manage to screw up. And it’s natural. It’s human nature not to be perfect, and that’s alright, as long as you literally man up and swallow your ego so you can go and apologize. Nobody is going to forgive you if you don’t show that you truly want it. But just a few kind words in a message are not going to solve anything. You need a sincere, and long, apology. Something original and unique that comes out of your heart. But to do that, you probably need a starting point, maybe a template, some ideas, or even some nice words to use so you can impress her. But the most important thing is to be yourself. So here we have the best sorry messages and letters of apology for your wife!

Sincere Sorry Messages for your Wife

  • You are the most precious person on this earth. I am the most foolish if I let you go. Please forgive me for behaving rudely.
  • I have no excuses for my thoughtlessness. I am sorry for forgetting our anniversary.
  • You have been so patient with me throughout our relationship. Please grant me more patience so that I can show you how sorry I am for being insensitive.
  • Marrying you was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I don’t want to lose you. I’m sorry for speaking harshly to you.
  • I own my bad behavior the other night. I promise to get help. Please forgive me.
  • You are my life, my love and everything that matters in this world. Please forgive me for my bad behavior.
  • I’m truly sorry for being inconsiderate about your schedule and your needs. Please give me a chance to make up for it.
  • I will love you until the end of my days. But I can’t show you how if you won’t take me back. I’m sorry, my love.
  • You are perfect. I can’t bear the thought that I’ve hurt you with my callousness. Please forgive me.
  • I was wrong, and I’m begging for your forgiveness. Please give me a chance to prove that our marriage wasn’t a mistake.
  • I made a vow never to hurt you, but I have broken that vow with my cruel words. I am very, very sorry.


Sorry Messages for your Wife: You are my life, my love and everything that matters in this world. Please forgive me for my bad behavior.

Sorry Messages for your Wife: I was wrong, and I'm begging for your forgiveness. Please give me a chance to prove that our marriage wasn't a mistake.Sorry Messages for your Wife: I'm truly sorry. Please give me a chance to make up for it.

Heartfelt Apology Letters for your Wife

  • Never before have I realized how stupid I’ve been these past few years. I’ve been hurting your feelings over and over again and I hadn’t even realized it. I know I’m a complete fool and I don’t even deserve your forgiveness, but my love for you is so great I could not let it end like this. I know that no matter what I do my chances of you forgiving me are slim, but I have to risk everything if I want you back in my life. I want you to know that I completely acknowledge that everything is my fault, and I am truly prepared to do everything to get my lovely wife back. You are the only person I’ve truly loved in my life, and the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with, so please, I am begging you to forgive me, I love you.


  • One of the most terrifying images I’ve seen in my life came from the eyes of the most wonderful and lovely person I’ve ever met. It came from the sight in your eyes when I hurt you, yet again. To decide that you want to break our family apart because of my actions was way worse that anything I could imagine. All I wanted was for you to be happy, even though some of my actions may not have recommended that. I never wanted to be so heartless, but it seems that my stupidity has gotten the better of me. You have always been the mature one between the two of us, so I know that deep inside you, you want to forgive me. All I am asking of you is for you to listen to that little voice inside you, that still knows you love me and knows even better that I love you more than I could possibly love myself. So please, my love, forgive me for all I’ve done.
  • I always had a tendency of sabotaging every good thing in my life, usually, I blamed society or my luck. But this time, having destroyed the best thing that has happened in my life, I blame myself. Everything that has happened up to this point has been my fault, and I am painfully aware of it. You and I have always been an amazing pair, but my actions have split us in half. Thus, I come here begging for forgiveness. I want you to know that I will go to the end of the earth to get you back, no matter how much time it takes, even if it costs me my life. This thing we had going on for us is too precious for me to just let go, and I promise from now on to be the perfect husband a perfect wife like you deserve. I love you, so please forgive me.


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