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What Is Love? – Definitions and Quotations

Most people know what love is and are equipped with the capacity to love. Poetry set to music (lyrics) attempt to define this lofty state. There was a song made popular by Steve Winwood in the 1980’s which spoke of a “higher love“. We aspire to that standard, but what is “higher love?”

There are certainly different genres of love. People have attempted to define love since Biblical times. In Corinthians 13 quotations can be found that define love. These familiar words are used in nearly every wedding ceremony. “Love is patient, love is kind…” It continues that love bears no envy, no pride, is not self-seeking, and so on. In reality, these are simply pure human virtues, but selflessness seems to be a common thread.

Mothers recount that when their child was born, they looked at him for the first time and experienced a love that filled them from the bottom of their soul to the end of their existence. They say it was as if they never experienced love at all until that moment. They instinctively knew they would sacrifice themselves to save him without a moment’s hesitation. Innumerable songs have been sung about a mother’s love. Some bear that very title, as written by Jim Brickman (“…thank you for every selfless, unsung deed…”) and performed by Diana Ross (“…a mother’s love is forever, a mother’s love is for free…”).

The prevailing belief is that loving means putting another’s comfort and happiness above one’s own. This is true in theory, and most times is borne out in practice. However, one must place love for “self” first, or it’s impossible to fully love others. Any actions which help or satisfy others, but exact too large a cost to one’s own self-respect, feel hollow.

Love is a verb. Loving our planet, for example, is real and admirable but without action, that love is moot. Acting upon love means improving a place, person or situation, even (and especially) without reward. This is a situation where size does not matter. Expending the effort to bend over and pick up a discarded coffee cup on the sidewalk is a manifestation of love.

We LOVE love, we seek love, we aspire to love, we hope for love. It is what defines human growth and enlightenment on Planet Earth.
Different people define love in different ways so browse through this collective wisdom and you can sharpen your own perspective.

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