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Love Has No Limits

Love Has No Limits

Love has no limits. We can never say, “enough.” We must be open to love continually. We must never think, I’ve given enough.

Love For No Reason

Love You For No Reason

Love knows no bargains. Love just loves. The great pleasure is in returning love for love. Then we love to make the other person happy. Their happiness in turn makes us happy. And...

Love Another Person

See The Face Of God

God is love. To see God, we must see with the eyes of love. When we are in love, we see God in the face of the beloved. When we love everyone, God...

Love Is Madness

Love Is Madness

Love makes us crazy. We can’t think of anything else. We do things we wouldn’t ordinarily do. We become greater than we knew we could be. We stop worrying about the right thing...

Love Makes Us Exist

Love Is The Answer

All the rational thought in the world cannot solve the mystery of why we are here. Love is the answer. Love is the great mystery. Love makes us exist.

Middle Of A Bench

Love Draws People Together

Love draws people together. Ordinarily, we like to have things our own way. We say we need our space. When we fall in love, we draw closer to someone else and suddenly, all...

Touch Of Love

Love Is The Ultimate Inspiration

Love is the ultimate inspiration. Great poetry is inspired by heartache, heartbreak and newfound love. People become greatly inspired when they find love.

Flower Cannot Blossom Without Sunshine

Man Cannot Live Without Love

Love is energy. Just as the sun causes a plant to flower, so love causes people to bloom. Just as a flower turns toward the sun, so people turn toward love.