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Love Is Blind Faith

True Love Quotes

The quotes below are perfect to express true love and care for a significant other. The following words convey honest feelings that come straight from the heart. Make use of them in order...

We Can Only Learn To Love By Loving

Learn to Love by Loving

Understanding how to love is indeed a learning process. Despite all the good intentions one may have, love at the start is never perfect. Sometimes it can be jealous and possessive. At other...

Conviction That We Are Loved

Love is the supreme happiness

Money and possessions can accumulate endlessly, yet there always seems to be a need for more stuff. That’s because material objects don’t equate to happiness. Trying to create happiness out of possessions turns...

Love Bears All Things

Most Important Bible Verses About Love

The Real Meaning of Love The Bible says many things about love. People quote it all the time. It happens often, however, that we don’t understand what we are saying. We use the...

We Love Because

Love is the only true adventure

The American poet, Nikki Giovanni, struck a true chord when she penned, “We love because it’s the only true adventure.” The truest adventure is opening your heart to another, rather than hiding it...

Dont Settle For Anybody Quote

Don’t Settle For Anybody

Many people find themselves so afraid to be alone that they get into relationships that aren’t right for them. There is a lot of pressure in today’s society to be in a relationship...

We Fall In Love By Chance

We Stay In Love By Choice

  This is a profound statement that truly goes meet him towards the nature of being in a couple. In essence, although we may meet someone by chance and find ourselves swept away...

Live Without Love

I Cannot Live Without Love

The problem with money is, money can’t buy love. Love is more important than wealth or fame. Love inspires us to new heights. Love keeps us going.